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Earth-Friendly Organizing: RE-USE! and Get Beautifully Organized

Updated: Mar 1

Earth Day art
World Peace. Beads, glass, print. by Laura Lee.

In honor of Earth Day, O2 Organize to Optimize is sharing tips to re-use everyday household items so you can improve your space utilization without purchasing more product to store your stuff. It's earth-friendly organizing... better for the environment, better for your bank account, and it looks great too!

organize utensils

Tip #1: Glass Jars

Utensil drawers overflowing? Re-use tall, narrow jars (for example, olive jars) to store less-used items such as skewers and chopsticks in the corner of a tall cupboard. This can be applied to anything you're storing horizontal that might fit better in an under-utilized vertical space. Remove stickers with a long soak and a little Goo Gone.

organize cupboards with food storage containers

Tip #2: Food Storage Containers

Do you have food storage containers that have lost their lids? Re-use them as clear plastic storage bins for organizing any number of things... sunscreen, bug spray, lotions, medicines, cleaners, cards, tapes, ribbons, etc. Containerizing keeps cupboard space under control and makes it easier to see when it's time to replenish. Use a binder clip and cardstock to create a nice label so everyone knows what belongs in the bin.

organize gift bags in wrapped shipping box

Tip #3: Shipping Boxes

Wrap a box in kraft mailing paper and store it on top of cupboards, or under shelves. Use kraft-wrapped boxes to organize gift bags/boxes, shopping bags, backup rolls of kitchen wrap/foil/paper. This tip does double duty: rarely, if ever, purchase gift bags/boxes again!

organize table linens in shirt boxes

Tip #4: Gift/Shirt Boxes

Where to keep the table linens? Easily store tablecloths, runners, placemats, and cloth napkins on a shelf with re-used gift/shirt boxes. Keep them dust free, reduce wrinkles caused by over-stacking, and clearly see what is where with simple labels.

organize cleaning products in fruit crates

Tip #5: Fruit Crates/Boxes

Corral your cleaning products or supplies like rags and scrubbers under the kitchen sink with the containers you brought your fruit home in. Add a cardstock label, laminated or placed in a plastic sleeve to protect from spills. Plastic sleeves from greeting cards work well for this.

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--- Laura Lee, Professional Organizer


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